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Adobe, Good Or Bad?

There has been a torrent of problems with Adobe products over the last several months. My XP machine informed me of yet another Update from Adobe which I applied successfully, about 15 minutes later I get a notice from my Secunia software that Adobe reader needs an update. Having just installed a new security patch from Adobe I was a little surprised. So I fired up Adobe Reader and had it check for updates, there weren’t any, so I took a closer look at the version of Adobe Reader that I had, it was version

Secunia offered a download solution for the problem which I grabbed and installed, a file called AdbeRdrUpd9.msp running this file told me that it was a patch for Adobe Reader 9.4.1 Great! I ran the program and re-scanned with Secunia which was now happy so I went back and looked at Adobe Reader again and found that it had been upgraded to version

Why didn’t the old version find that there was an update available when it was told to check for one? I have cut Adobe tons of slack over these recurring problems, as they are a large company with a lot of products to maintain, but I just can’t keep checking and re-checking different ways to see if there are new updates available, if I had to do that with all the software that I use then I would be spending about 12 hours a day just looking for software updates. I am sorry Adobe, but my only conclusion can now be that your Software is SO seriously flawed that it has become TOTALLY useless to me and you have proved that you are TOTALLY incompetent when it comes to repairing and maintaining it, therefore I choose to abandon Adobe products wherever I can. Goodbye Adobe Reader, you are first in front of my firing squad.

I am moving to Foxit Reader.

Thank goodness for Secunia Personal Software Inspector are a life saver!

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