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Adobe Reader, New Version, Default Settings

Well Adobe have done it again! They have a real knack of really upsetting me at the moment. There is another update, this one is a new version of Adobe Reader. We are now at version 10.0.0

The annoying thing about this new version is that when you install it, it fails to retain your settings from the previous installations. This means that the two big security default settings have been returned to their insecure status.

So, to become safer once again if you are going to be using Adobe Reader this is what you must do.

Start up Adobe Reader and hover over Edit, mouse down and click Preferences…

In preferences there are two settings to change from the default, the first one is JavaScript, click on the category JavaScript and make sure the box which says “Enable Acrobat JavaScript” does NOT have a tick in it.

Then click on the category Trust Manager and make sure the box which says “Allow opening of non-PDF file attachments with external applications” does NOT have a tick in it.

In my opinion you may be better off just un-installing Adobe Reader completely and use something like Foxit Reader instead.

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