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Calibrate Your Battery Gauge

Laptop Battery Calibration.

There are a number of reasons that your battery gauge may not give an accurate estimate of how long you have left before you need to charge your battery.

These include:

  • A faulty battery.
  • A battery that is getting old.
  • The battery was never calibrated in the first place.
  • The battery has been replaced.

Calibrating your battery is a simple process, but it does take time because it will involve fully charging your battery and then fully discharging your battery before fully charging it once again.

Here is one way to achieve this.

First you need to make sure you are working with a fully charged battery, so connect the power cord and allow the battery to charge to 100% of its capacity.

Now you will need to create a power plan that disables any power saving features.

For Windows XP

Click Start > Control Panel > Performance and Maintenance > Power Options

Under the Power Schemes tab, make a note of which Power scheme you are currently using.

Now change the Turn off monitor, Turn off hard disks and System standby fields to Never by selecting that option from their drop down menus.

Click Save As… and type Calibrator into the “Save this power scheme as:” field

Click Apply then click OK

For Windows Vista

Click Start and type Power in the search field, select Power Options from the Programs list

Make a note of the power plan that is in effect.

In the left hand sidebar click “Create a power plan”

Click in the Plan name: field and type Calibrator then click Next

In the On battery column select Never for all options and move the Adjust plan brightness slider all the way to the right.

Click Create.

Now that you have your new Calibrator plan in effect, disconnect the power cord and allow the computer to fully discharge and shut down.

Now connect the power cord and allow the battery to fully charge.

Once the battery is fully charged go back into the power plan settings and select the power plan that was in effect before you started the calibration sequence.

That’s it your battery is calibrated and your power gauge should be reasonably accurate.

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