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Is Your Mouse Sticky?

Does your cursor jump or stick when you move the mouse? Most computer mice now are the optical type, that is they have a red (usually) light shining out of the bottom of them and the reflection of that light is what determines the movement of the cursor… […]

Have You Caught A Virus?

Everyone, I mean EVERYONE needs to be running a good antivirus program. It’s just too dangerous out there not to do this… […]

What Runs At Startup?

Programmers just love to have their stuff start up in the background every time you boot up your computer. Who needs that? It’s your computer not theirs… […]

Do You Really Need All These Programs?

OK, so we are all guilty of installing programs on our computers and then forgetting all about them. You know the story, you see a link and you think you just have to have that program… […]

Empty Your Recycle Bin

Just a word of caution: If you use your computer on banking sites or other sites that require a password to log-in and your computer automatically enters your password, make sure that you know … […]