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Change Your Browser Start Page.

How to change your Internet Explorer Start Page

When you start up Internet Explorer, or any browser, you can have it start on any web page you like. You may have seen websites that say “click here to make this site your start-up” or something similar, maybe you (or someone else) has clicked on one of those and now you would like to get YOUR start page back.

Well, here is how you do it.

Open up Internet Explorer, click on Tools > Internet Options

Under the “General” tab look for the section labeled “Home page”

In the box enter the site URL that you want to start on, for example if you want to start on Google’s home page, you would enter

Now if you have tabbed browsing enabled you can hit enter after that entry and on the next line put another URL, now when IE opens up you will have two tabs which load your two favorite sites. Just repeat for as many sites as you want to open up.

In Firefox it is very similar, click on Tools > Options

Under the “Main” tab look for the “Startup” section. If you want multiple tabs in Firefox, separate the url’s with the “pipe” character which looks like two vertical lines on top of each other (shift backslash for US keyboards, Alt GR and the key to the left of 1 for UK keyboards)

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