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How To Defrag Your Disks.

Defragment Disk(s)

OK, now that everything is clean and in good working order it’s time to reorganize the hard drive so that all the files that belong together are stored together.

When you store files on your computer Windows just puts them wherever there is a space available, it keeps track of where everything is, but if you delete something then the hole(s) that now appear become available for the next time something needs storing, all well and good if the new stuff could always be smaller than the old stuff, but obviously that’s not going to happen all the time. The result is that files are stored in lots of little chunks all over the place and when you need to read them the hard drive heads have to move back and forth between all the little storage places.

This is called fragmentation. You can imagine that if all the little pieces of a file were in consecutive order, the heads would get to them more quickly making everything more efficient. That is the goal here.

This is what we do:

Go to “Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Disk Defragmenter”

Select the disk you want to defragment and click the “Defragment” button.

Repeat for any other disks as necessary.

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