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Keep Your Hard Drive Healthy

Check Your Hard Drive(s)

Now that we have a mechanism in place to return to “normal”
if we break something, we should make sure that the hard drive is in
good shape.

Here is what we do.

Go to “Start -> My Computer”

Right click on Disk (C:)

Select “Properties”

Select the “Tools” tab

In the “Error-checking” box select the “Check Now” button

Check the “Automatically fix file system errors” box and the
“Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors” box

Click “Start”

You will get a message saying that the disk check can only be
performed by restarting Windows and ask if you want to schedule the
disk check for the next reboot. Choose “Yes” and restart your computer.

When your computer comes back after the check, if you have
other hard drives or partitions, repeat the disk check on those as
well. You will probably not get the warning message requiring a reboot
for these disks or partitions, instead the check will just run.

If you have Internet access and your computer is still able
to download files then you may want to get the free utility called HD
Tune. You can get this from

With HD Tune you can perform benchmark tests on your hard
disk, examine any partitions there, check on the health of your disk as
reported by the hard disk’s internal S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring
Analysis and Reporting Technology) software and perform an error scan
on the drive. The HD Tune utility also displays the current temperature
of the drive so that you can see if there may be any troubles coming up
in the future.

If you do discover that there are problems then I am afraid
it is time to open up the wallet. The first thing I would recommend is
Spinrite from Gibson Research Company. This is the best ever hard drive
diagnostics and repair tool, very reasonably priced it is a must have
purchase for anyone who wants to maintain their own equipment.

If Spinrite can’t fix it, then you have two options left,
either send the drive out to a recovery company who may charge you
hundreds of dollars and they will get what they can off the drive, or
bin it and buy a new one.

Good luck,


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