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Update Your Operating System Now!

Is your operating system up to date?

Well, the way the Internet is being used by hackers, crackers, crooks and thieves it had better be!

Nowadays Internet Explorer has a pretty rough reputation and many so called “experts” are recommending that you use a different browser for surfing the Internet.

That is all well and good, feel free to use whatever you want but just remember one little thing…

To upgrade Microsoft Windows you need to use Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Have you heard of “PATCH TUESDAY”?

Every second Tuesday of the month, Microsoft releases any security patches that they have been working on, sometimes, if a dangerous enough exploit has been found, they release patches on other days of the month as well.

Everything happens at light speed nowadays and that includes the bad stuff, so it is really, really important to keep your computer up to date with the latest security updates, this means that you should check at least on a monthly basis.

But you should make it a habit to not just check for but also to download and install ALL the updates from Microsoft for your system.

If you are running Windows XP, fire up Internet Explorer and click on “TOOLS -> WINDOWS UPDATE” this will bring you to the Microsoft Update site.

For Vista users, go to “START -> CONTROL PANEL -> WINDOWS UPDATE” this will bring you to the Microsoft Update site.

Click on the “Custom” button, yes, I know, Microsoft recommend you click on the “Express” button, but you do want to fix your problems don’t you? Then you are going to need the latest and greatest drivers and software versions available so click the “Custom” button.

Remember, if you just click on the “Express” button or worse yet if you rely on the automatic function of Windows Update you may NOT get all the security updates you need only the ones that Microsoft in their infinite wisdom decide are “critical” and lets face it, with all the security patches they are releasing on their own products do you really want to let THEM decide what is critical for YOUR system?

Select and install everything they offer. You may need to reboot your computer a number of times but just keep going until there are no more updates available.

Good luck,


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