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Vista Updates

How Can I Get The latest Updates?

In Vista, Microsoft have made it rather easy to get to the Update page. You simply Click the Start button, click All Programs, then click Windows Update.

Do you need them?

Well, yes, absolutely. Just think of it this way, the bad guys nowadays don’t want to destroy your computer, they want to use it to make them money. How do they do that? Well they need to get a piece of software installed so that they can command your computer to do their bidding for them, it may be used to send spam mail, or it may be used to send “click throughs” on adverts that then makes a small commission for the bad guys. Either way it is YOUR computer not theirs.

So, how do they get their nasty little programs on your machine? Well they trick you into installing them, sometimes silently by directing you to a specially crafted web page or PDF file or any number of other ways. The key is that wherever they send you has been specifically coded to take advantage of flaws in software that you have installed on your computer. Now if you stay up to date with your software programs then their is a much better chance that you will not be vulnerable to their attacks.

Remember it is not just your operating system that you need to keep updated, but EVERY piece of software you have installed, even if you don’t use it, the mere fact that an old software program is on your computer could leave you open to a stealth attack.

So, do yourself a favour, get rid of programs you no longer need or use and keep all the others up to date.

Here is one little freebie to help you with this task. FileHippo Update Checker.

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