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Welcome To John’s Computer Tips And Hints

Recently I asked everyone that I could think of, “Are you having any computer problems?” Here are the top five responses:

  • My computer is slow at start up.
  • Why is my computer slow to start?
  • My computer is running very slow.
  • My computer has become slow.
  • How do I speed up my computer?

It didn’t take me long to realize there was a theme here… so I thought I would put together all my best computer tips and hints in one place for people to easily find. Computers today are so much more powerful than those of just a few years ago and programmers are so lazy.

Couple that with the viral explosion of the Internet and you get a much more difficult situation for any computer manufacturer, that being to get a product onto the market that just about anyone can use straight out of the box without expert knowledge and tweaking.

We also have to consider the way advertising revenues can be made on the Internet. If, as an advertising agent, you can show that millions of computers have displayed your customers ad, then you get paid and get paid big!

All these things result in loads of automated systems running around on the Internet looking for computers that they can manipulate. If you are one of the unlucky people that have no idea that any of this is happening and no idea what to do about it then you may find this site extremely enlightening.

Has your computer become slower? Are you having problems running the programs that used to work flawlessly? Have your kids gone back to college leaving your computer rendered useless?

These things happen, but if you follow the simple guidelines that we are going to offer, then you should be able to improve your current situation and protect against future set backs.

Good luck


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