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Why Do I Have A Windows Key?

What can you do with the Windows Key?

OK, those of us who use Windows based computers all have at least one Windows key (unless you have a really, really old keyboard) but what is it used for?

Here are 11 uses for that little key:

  1. “Windows” + “E” opens up a new instance of Windows Explorer.
  2. “Windows” by itself opens up the “Start” menu.
  3. “Windows” + “D” minimizes all open windows and shows the Desktop, “Windows” + “D” again puts them all back.
  4. “Windows” + “F” opens the find files feature (or Google Desktop Search if you have it installed).
  5. “Windows” + “L” locks your computer.
  6. “Windows” + “M” minimizes all open windows.
  7. “Windows” + “Shift” + “M” restores the last “Windows” + “M” operation.
  8. “Windows” + “R” displays the “Run” command.
  9. “Windows” + “F1” displays the Windows Help function.
  10. “Windows” + “Pause/Break” Displays the System Properties dialog.
  11. “Windows” + “Tab” cycles through the items in the task bar.

There you have it, eleven uses for the Windows Key

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